Sunday, 15 December 2013

Maths in Rathbeggan!

On the 4th of December we went to Rathbeggan Lakes in Meath. Our maths teachers told us that we were going to do maths equations in a field.

When we arrived we met the owner and he told us exactly what we were going to do. They split us up into groups of 4. They told us that we were going to be solving maths problems together and who ever did the best won a prize.

So we all set off and started on our maths problems and there was ducks and geese following us!! Everyone did maths problems around the lake and it was really fun!My group finished 5 challenges but unfortunately we didn't win the prize!

For lunch we stooped in Blanchardstown shopping centre for a few hours. We also got to have a little browse around the shops which is always fun!

Great day out!:)

RSA and TangoBot!

Another trip took us to Punchestown for a road safety show. There was loads of other schools there with us and it was packed!
There was police cars, guards, NYPD, ambulances and much more.
for the first hour or so we just went around looking at different stalls and also getting free stuff!:P Around half way through our wander we saw TangoBot. This was a robot made by NASA! T o be honest he was quite scary and liked to follow people around the place!



We also saw Johnny Doyle and he had a stall set up too!

At 11:30 we got a talk on how you should be careful on roads. There was also videos and photos to show what could happen if you're not careful! It wasn't to scare you it was for our own good!
 I think if people are just a bit more careful on the roads there doesn't have to be as much accidents on the roads!
All in all great day out!:)

Monday, 2 December 2013


On the 27th of November we had a bake sale. We thought it would be a good idea to help all the Philippians after the disaster that happened to them.

Tys and fifth years had to bake or donate money, but Ms L also encouraged people to bake. Unfortunately I didn't have time to bake but I donated money instead. The money we raised went to UNICEF  Ireland and then they'd send it on to the Philippians.

It was great to see that so many people went to the effort of baking for it.

Over all we raised over €1500 and everyone left lunch with big bellies!!:P

Monday, 25 November 2013

City West!!!!

On the 21st of November Ty went to City West for a Development Education Project. When we arrived we were told to put our bags down and take a seat.

We were there along with four others schools. First off we all had to present our Schools Across Borders Project. I have to say I was annoyed when Darren said our school could only present one project. Because we had a big group of Ty, we had three presentations to present. In the end thank god, we got to present all of ours!!

After that there was an icebreaker, which was when all the schools were mixed and put into groups.
Straight after The Quadrangles did a little play for us. I thought it was a very inspirational play because they were basically saying no matter who you, you can make a change.

Next we got lunch and we had chicken and chips, it was really yummy! Lunch went on for about forty minutes so it was a good long break.

Our next activity involved NGO's and how to set it up. I felt that was really good to know how you can set it up and why.

Our final activity we went over to a building across the way and we either got to draw, do a blog or make a video. I decided to draw and me and Jess wrote ' I am a human so are U ' in purple on the big sheet of paper!

I have to say I really enjoyed our day out in City West!! :D

Here is the St.Wolstan's Tree!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

A trip to Dublin!!

On the 14th of November we went to Dublin with our English teachers. They organised us to visit The National Museum, The Art Gallery and The W.B.Yeats Museum.

We left school at around 9:15 and arrived at about 10. We visited the W.B.Yeats exhibition first and that was really interesting, you got to learn a bit about hid life and his family there and much more.

Sarah and Jen!!:)

Me and Jess!:) 

Sarah and Jen being cool!!

After the exhibition we went to the Art Gallery and that was really amazing. The pictures there were fantastic and the amount of people with their journals commenting on the paintings was really amazing. My favourite picture was called 'Grief' by Jack B Yeats. I liked it because it was different and you really ahd to look closely to see what was going on in the picture!! This was probably my favourite part of the day!

We had lunch in Grafton Street and next and had a little wonder around the shops. Me and my friends went to Brown Thomas, Starbucks, and Disney.

Me and my new Boyfriend Lotso!!
Our very last thing we did was we went to The National Museum and looked at the Bog Bodies. I found this really interesting and amusing. The bodies were thousands of years old and its amazing to see how well they were preserved, some better than others!!

I have to say I had a really great day and I would like to thank the teachers!!:)

Science and Liffey Valley, how great!!

Last Monday our science teachers organised a day out in The Institute of Technology for Ty. We left at 10:40 and got a bus to Tallaght.

When we arrived I was really surprised to see my cousin there, as I did not know he went there. Anyways after I met my cousin we were brought into a biochemistry lab and it was really cool.

Then we were brought to a room where we met a lecturer and he was going to tell us about exrtaordinary science and show us some experiments. He chose some  people to go and demonstrate the experiments with him. A lot of the experiments were really cool and I really enjoyed my time there!!

So after we visited the Institute our teachers brought us to Liffey Valley for lunch. What a treat!! I went to McDonald's of course and after we went and looked around some shops!!

Sarah and her happy meal!

 All in all it was a great day out!!:)


Ghouls and Ghosts wondering about!

On the 25th of october our school had an annual event where each year is given a theme to dress up in.

First year: witches
Second year: zombies
Third year: vampires
Ty: villains
Fifth year: circus
Sixth year: Harry Potter 

The best costumes from each class gets put into the parade and the best class wins a prize.
A lot of the costumes were really good and some were quite scary to be honest. Sarah from my class was put into the parade. She was The Joker and she looked really great! But unfortunately she didn't win1:(

 A lot of effort went into the costumes which makes the day really fun and festive. Also some teachers dressed up which was very funny. I really enjoy this time of year, it is always a good nuild up towards Halloween!!:)

Monday, 14 October 2013


On Friday 11th our school has an annual event called the Fun Walk. It is where each year have a certain colour and you have to come up with a dance for friendship week. Ty's colour was yellow. I always get way too excited on the day haha!:P  If you win our class gets a box of sweets. My class were minions and I have to say we looked pretty awesome!! We were dancing to a song called Wannabe by Spice Girls. Ms Mc M dressed up as Gru from Despicable Me and she looked really good.

We are minions!!!!
Mr O'c and Mr K had to be the funniest Tutors!! They were both dressed like women, well Mr O'c was Tinkerbell and Mr K looked like a hippy of some sort. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw them!!

Me and Sarah as MINIONS!!


We so no!

I would like to thank all of those who helped organise the Fun Walk!!! :D

I will ALWAYS ALWAYS wear my seatbelt!!!!!

On Tuesday 8th of October we had a workshop to do with Road Safety with a guy called Paul and by god was I scared. We were shown videos of what happens if you text and drive or drink and drive. We saw the outcomes and I was really terrified of what happens. It made me very more cautious and aware of what could happen. Even though I was quite scared I felt it was really worth watching it!! Paul was telling us that most accidents occur due to people being late for something. At the end we got to take a theory test and it was very interesting to see the layout of it. There is 40 questions and you have to get 35 to pass. Sadly I only got 33 so I won't be going anywhere yet!!

When I was on my way home in the car I made sure everybody had their seatbelts on and made sure my mam didn't use her phone while driving!! Overall I thought it was a really good, but terrifying day!!

Oh and one more thing.. at the very end there was a saying and it really stuck in my mind, it is 'It is better to arrive late, than DEAD on time'

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Off to The Pearse Museum!!

On Thursday 3rd of October all the irish classes were brought to the museum with our teachers. The bus collected us at 9:20 and we set off.

On the bus!!
We arrived at the museum at around 10:30. Our tour was called Alan but he told me his name was Alien!:P At the entrance of the museum there is a sculpture of Pearse himself and Sarah and Jennifer decided to give him a kiss...

Kisses all round!!
After the tour around the museum we had some lunch and I bought a MASSIVE cookie yuuuum.. I sat on a bench in the courtyard with my friends and we were just relaxing for a while.


So after we had eaten we went on a nature walk around the grounds and our tour guide was telling us about the trees and other things in the grounds! It was really interesting and fun :)

Sarah and I at the water fountain!

 We like to take a lot of photos!!!

Sarah Jennifer and I!!:)

When we were on our way to the next activity we decided to take a picture of ourselves throwing up leaves because we like to act like children!!:P

Having fun with leaves!!

Our final activity in the museum was watching a 20 minute clip and everything about Pearse. It was really interesting and you got to see a lot of photos of what it was like in the Easter Rising!! After that I had to leave, I really enjoyed another trip out with Ty!!:D

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hairnet Wednesday!

On wednesday 25th we had our third set of workshops. This week Denise showed us how to Build Rapport while we're doing our work experience. She showed us how to act and greet our supervisors when we arrive on our first day of work. It really made me feel more confident and i couldn't wait to start work experience! WOOO! :)

Our next workshop involved make up...and even though I have no interest in make up it was actually pretty good. As you can guess from my title i got to wear a HAIRNET!! I know you're probably thinking what is so good about a hairnet, but I had great fun with it!!:D

Our final workshop was with our guidance councellors and by the way I was still wearing the hairnet so you can imagine the look on their faces when they saw... Anyway they were just going to go over a few things with us before we started work experience next week. They were explaining what we should do if there was any accidents or problems during our work experience. They were also telling us what the employer would be expecting from us, for example we should be enthusiastic! They were basically just getting us ready for it and answering any questions we had about it.
We cooool!!

We have hairnets on our heads!!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Land Of The Leprechauns!!

On the 16th and 17th of September Ms L, Ms O'c and Mr K brought all of Ty to Carlingford for two days. I had to get up at 5:30 because we were leaving Esso at 7 in the morning!! :O I was really excited but sooo tired. I sat beside my friend Sarah and across from Rowen and Sara. We were really giddy on the bus and couldn't wait to arrive at Carlingford. When we arrived we went up to the common room and a guy called Ben welcomed us and told us what we'll be doing! Oh and might I just add that there was a few good looking instructors there too! ;)

Our first activity was called the 'Challenge Course' it was all about team building and team work. Ben was our instructor and he was really funny and really nice. We did this activity for about two hours and my team won which meant we got to eat first! It was a great prize to win. After lunch we went Laser Combating and that was class!! Mr K and Ms O'c were allowed to play with us. Ms O'c was on the opposite team to me and I was out to kill her!! It was really fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it greatly! I killed Ms O'c a few times but she got her revenge and killed me a few times!!

Laser combat.

Next we had dinner and two hours to just lounge around. We got our rooms and put our bags away. At 7 we went up to a forest and had a nightline walk, this is where you walk through the forest completely blindfolded! Before we did this they told us about how this place is known as The Land Of The Leprechauns it was really interesting to here about it. So we got our blindfolds on and Sarah lead us through the forest. By going first you get whacked by branches and fall over a lot but Sarah didn't mind. It was really fun and our instructor Ben kept scaring us and making us scream like mad, but don't worry we all charged after him and started hitting him as our revenge!!

The next day we were due to do water sports and body sorbing but unfortunately i was sick and spent the whole day pretty much sleeping. Everyone said that the body sorbing was class and that they really had fun! We got a bus back to Celbridge at 5 and arrived home at around 7. It was a really good two days and I realllly enjoyed it!! :)



Friday, 13 September 2013


The day finally came when i got my results. I waited so long for these and i was excited to get them. But when it was finally time to get them I didn't want them anymore!! :P I was scared to open that BIG envelop!! It looked so scary. When I finally had the nerve to open my results I was really happy with them. I felt like I was amazingly smart..which I'm not by the way! To celebrate my results I went to McDonalds with my mam and my dad an after i went to Liffey Valley to see a movie! I told all my family and they were all very proud. I felt really proud of myself and I actually knew things! :)

I was talking to my friends and they were all really happy with their results too! Most of them went out to Mantra but that kinda stuff isn't my cup of tea!! Overall it was a really good day!!!!!

The next day we went to Castletown House with the whole year for a Ty trip. It was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. The tour guide decided to tell us that the Devil was in this house and because I am a chicken I was TERRIFIED!! There was a mirror that was cracked because The Priest tried to get the Devil away by throwing the Bible at him except it hit the mirror. When we were walking past I didn't look at it because I was scared I would see the Devil... yes I know you're probably thinking I'm weird but I was creeped out!! At the end of the tour we got a photo with all my year. I had a really good day!!

Ty year 2013.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Think Positive!

On Wednesday 4th of September was our first workshop! Positive Parties was out first. There was a big sign on the door saying 'The Party's Here', straight away i knew it was going to be good! There was a hula hula necklace on the chairs for everyone to wear. There was a positive atmosphere in that room. The first activity we had to do involved knickers.. I think you see where this goes from here.. We had to see how many ways not to wear knickers. It was great fun and I won a chocolate bar because I had the most ways not to wear them.
The next activity we had to do was to put on a wig and sing Mama Mia. I volunteered to do it along with two of my friends! I was trying to sing but all that came out of my mouth was laughter.. It was great fun!! Everyone in the room was full of positive energy! It was our first workshop and it was great!!


Our next workshop was 'Life Without Limits' and a guy called Austin was talking to us. He was really friendly and really nice. The whole time he had a huge smile on his face!! He was teaching us how to have more confidence in ourselves and that we can do anything we set our mind to!! Austin was also telling us about perspective, how we see everything different to others! He told us to feel comfortable in ourselves and that everyone is different! Overall it was a really good experience and I really enjoyed it!

Our last workshop of the day was all about energy and massaging. GiliĆ³sa was telling us how me can feel each others energy and that when we are in school we are all in each others energy bubbles! She was showing how to massage each other and it was sooooo relaxing I felt like I could fall asleep any second! I looked around the room and everyone looked really relaxed and sleepy. She showed us how to do a stress release technique and it really works!

Our first day of workshops was really enjoyable and great fun, I can't wait for the next one!!

Friday, 6 September 2013

First Week Done and Dusted!

Coming up to the first week of Ty I was very excited and anxious to see what all the excitement and talk was about Ty. I was very curious to see what teachers I would have, if I would have any new ones. I was also wondering whether I would have all my friends in my class!
During the last few weeks of my summer holidays was full of preparing for Ty. I got my new uniform.. lets just say I felt very mature in that senior skirt! As the weeks went on I was finding out that I got all my work experience places. I felt very relieved because work experience is a big part in Ty!!
The first day of Ty I found out that I was in the same class as all my friends. I was chuffed! We got our journals,timetables and out class name. We are called Tereshkova, at first no one could pronounce our name! My class is called after the first women to go to space. The other class names are called Tabei and Cornaro.
We were given projects from day one and I am really looking forward to them! We do a lot of teamwork in Ty.
Overall the first week was really good and I am looking forward to the rest of the year!! :)