Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hairnet Wednesday!

On wednesday 25th we had our third set of workshops. This week Denise showed us how to Build Rapport while we're doing our work experience. She showed us how to act and greet our supervisors when we arrive on our first day of work. It really made me feel more confident and i couldn't wait to start work experience! WOOO! :)

Our next workshop involved make up...and even though I have no interest in make up it was actually pretty good. As you can guess from my title i got to wear a HAIRNET!! I know you're probably thinking what is so good about a hairnet, but I had great fun with it!!:D

Our final workshop was with our guidance councellors and by the way I was still wearing the hairnet so you can imagine the look on their faces when they saw... Anyway they were just going to go over a few things with us before we started work experience next week. They were explaining what we should do if there was any accidents or problems during our work experience. They were also telling us what the employer would be expecting from us, for example we should be enthusiastic! They were basically just getting us ready for it and answering any questions we had about it.
We cooool!!

We have hairnets on our heads!!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Land Of The Leprechauns!!

On the 16th and 17th of September Ms L, Ms O'c and Mr K brought all of Ty to Carlingford for two days. I had to get up at 5:30 because we were leaving Esso at 7 in the morning!! :O I was really excited but sooo tired. I sat beside my friend Sarah and across from Rowen and Sara. We were really giddy on the bus and couldn't wait to arrive at Carlingford. When we arrived we went up to the common room and a guy called Ben welcomed us and told us what we'll be doing! Oh and might I just add that there was a few good looking instructors there too! ;)

Our first activity was called the 'Challenge Course' it was all about team building and team work. Ben was our instructor and he was really funny and really nice. We did this activity for about two hours and my team won which meant we got to eat first! It was a great prize to win. After lunch we went Laser Combating and that was class!! Mr K and Ms O'c were allowed to play with us. Ms O'c was on the opposite team to me and I was out to kill her!! It was really fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it greatly! I killed Ms O'c a few times but she got her revenge and killed me a few times!!

Laser combat.

Next we had dinner and two hours to just lounge around. We got our rooms and put our bags away. At 7 we went up to a forest and had a nightline walk, this is where you walk through the forest completely blindfolded! Before we did this they told us about how this place is known as The Land Of The Leprechauns it was really interesting to here about it. So we got our blindfolds on and Sarah lead us through the forest. By going first you get whacked by branches and fall over a lot but Sarah didn't mind. It was really fun and our instructor Ben kept scaring us and making us scream like mad, but don't worry we all charged after him and started hitting him as our revenge!!

The next day we were due to do water sports and body sorbing but unfortunately i was sick and spent the whole day pretty much sleeping. Everyone said that the body sorbing was class and that they really had fun! We got a bus back to Celbridge at 5 and arrived home at around 7. It was a really good two days and I realllly enjoyed it!! :)



Friday, 13 September 2013


The day finally came when i got my results. I waited so long for these and i was excited to get them. But when it was finally time to get them I didn't want them anymore!! :P I was scared to open that BIG envelop!! It looked so scary. When I finally had the nerve to open my results I was really happy with them. I felt like I was amazingly smart..which I'm not by the way! To celebrate my results I went to McDonalds with my mam and my dad an after i went to Liffey Valley to see a movie! I told all my family and they were all very proud. I felt really proud of myself and I actually knew things! :)

I was talking to my friends and they were all really happy with their results too! Most of them went out to Mantra but that kinda stuff isn't my cup of tea!! Overall it was a really good day!!!!!

The next day we went to Castletown House with the whole year for a Ty trip. It was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. The tour guide decided to tell us that the Devil was in this house and because I am a chicken I was TERRIFIED!! There was a mirror that was cracked because The Priest tried to get the Devil away by throwing the Bible at him except it hit the mirror. When we were walking past I didn't look at it because I was scared I would see the Devil... yes I know you're probably thinking I'm weird but I was creeped out!! At the end of the tour we got a photo with all my year. I had a really good day!!

Ty year 2013.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Think Positive!

On Wednesday 4th of September was our first workshop! Positive Parties was out first. There was a big sign on the door saying 'The Party's Here', straight away i knew it was going to be good! There was a hula hula necklace on the chairs for everyone to wear. There was a positive atmosphere in that room. The first activity we had to do involved knickers.. I think you see where this goes from here.. We had to see how many ways not to wear knickers. It was great fun and I won a chocolate bar because I had the most ways not to wear them.
The next activity we had to do was to put on a wig and sing Mama Mia. I volunteered to do it along with two of my friends! I was trying to sing but all that came out of my mouth was laughter.. It was great fun!! Everyone in the room was full of positive energy! It was our first workshop and it was great!!


Our next workshop was 'Life Without Limits' and a guy called Austin was talking to us. He was really friendly and really nice. The whole time he had a huge smile on his face!! He was teaching us how to have more confidence in ourselves and that we can do anything we set our mind to!! Austin was also telling us about perspective, how we see everything different to others! He told us to feel comfortable in ourselves and that everyone is different! Overall it was a really good experience and I really enjoyed it!

Our last workshop of the day was all about energy and massaging. GiliĆ³sa was telling us how me can feel each others energy and that when we are in school we are all in each others energy bubbles! She was showing how to massage each other and it was sooooo relaxing I felt like I could fall asleep any second! I looked around the room and everyone looked really relaxed and sleepy. She showed us how to do a stress release technique and it really works!

Our first day of workshops was really enjoyable and great fun, I can't wait for the next one!!

Friday, 6 September 2013

First Week Done and Dusted!

Coming up to the first week of Ty I was very excited and anxious to see what all the excitement and talk was about Ty. I was very curious to see what teachers I would have, if I would have any new ones. I was also wondering whether I would have all my friends in my class!
During the last few weeks of my summer holidays was full of preparing for Ty. I got my new uniform.. lets just say I felt very mature in that senior skirt! As the weeks went on I was finding out that I got all my work experience places. I felt very relieved because work experience is a big part in Ty!!
The first day of Ty I found out that I was in the same class as all my friends. I was chuffed! We got our journals,timetables and out class name. We are called Tereshkova, at first no one could pronounce our name! My class is called after the first women to go to space. The other class names are called Tabei and Cornaro.
We were given projects from day one and I am really looking forward to them! We do a lot of teamwork in Ty.
Overall the first week was really good and I am looking forward to the rest of the year!! :)