Monday, 25 November 2013

City West!!!!

On the 21st of November Ty went to City West for a Development Education Project. When we arrived we were told to put our bags down and take a seat.

We were there along with four others schools. First off we all had to present our Schools Across Borders Project. I have to say I was annoyed when Darren said our school could only present one project. Because we had a big group of Ty, we had three presentations to present. In the end thank god, we got to present all of ours!!

After that there was an icebreaker, which was when all the schools were mixed and put into groups.
Straight after The Quadrangles did a little play for us. I thought it was a very inspirational play because they were basically saying no matter who you, you can make a change.

Next we got lunch and we had chicken and chips, it was really yummy! Lunch went on for about forty minutes so it was a good long break.

Our next activity involved NGO's and how to set it up. I felt that was really good to know how you can set it up and why.

Our final activity we went over to a building across the way and we either got to draw, do a blog or make a video. I decided to draw and me and Jess wrote ' I am a human so are U ' in purple on the big sheet of paper!

I have to say I really enjoyed our day out in City West!! :D

Here is the St.Wolstan's Tree!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

A trip to Dublin!!

On the 14th of November we went to Dublin with our English teachers. They organised us to visit The National Museum, The Art Gallery and The W.B.Yeats Museum.

We left school at around 9:15 and arrived at about 10. We visited the W.B.Yeats exhibition first and that was really interesting, you got to learn a bit about hid life and his family there and much more.

Sarah and Jen!!:)

Me and Jess!:) 

Sarah and Jen being cool!!

After the exhibition we went to the Art Gallery and that was really amazing. The pictures there were fantastic and the amount of people with their journals commenting on the paintings was really amazing. My favourite picture was called 'Grief' by Jack B Yeats. I liked it because it was different and you really ahd to look closely to see what was going on in the picture!! This was probably my favourite part of the day!

We had lunch in Grafton Street and next and had a little wonder around the shops. Me and my friends went to Brown Thomas, Starbucks, and Disney.

Me and my new Boyfriend Lotso!!
Our very last thing we did was we went to The National Museum and looked at the Bog Bodies. I found this really interesting and amusing. The bodies were thousands of years old and its amazing to see how well they were preserved, some better than others!!

I have to say I had a really great day and I would like to thank the teachers!!:)

Science and Liffey Valley, how great!!

Last Monday our science teachers organised a day out in The Institute of Technology for Ty. We left at 10:40 and got a bus to Tallaght.

When we arrived I was really surprised to see my cousin there, as I did not know he went there. Anyways after I met my cousin we were brought into a biochemistry lab and it was really cool.

Then we were brought to a room where we met a lecturer and he was going to tell us about exrtaordinary science and show us some experiments. He chose some  people to go and demonstrate the experiments with him. A lot of the experiments were really cool and I really enjoyed my time there!!

So after we visited the Institute our teachers brought us to Liffey Valley for lunch. What a treat!! I went to McDonald's of course and after we went and looked around some shops!!

Sarah and her happy meal!

 All in all it was a great day out!!:)


Ghouls and Ghosts wondering about!

On the 25th of october our school had an annual event where each year is given a theme to dress up in.

First year: witches
Second year: zombies
Third year: vampires
Ty: villains
Fifth year: circus
Sixth year: Harry Potter 

The best costumes from each class gets put into the parade and the best class wins a prize.
A lot of the costumes were really good and some were quite scary to be honest. Sarah from my class was put into the parade. She was The Joker and she looked really great! But unfortunately she didn't win1:(

 A lot of effort went into the costumes which makes the day really fun and festive. Also some teachers dressed up which was very funny. I really enjoy this time of year, it is always a good nuild up towards Halloween!!:)